Math Class

The math class consists of the following courses:  Homework Help, Regular Math Course (Singapore Math), STAAR/TAKS Help and SAT Help.
Homework Help is for all the students of grade 1 to 12 who have difficulty doing their math homework. The help will be personalized according to the special situation of each student.
Singapore Math has gained worldwide recognition as Singaporean students have consistently topped the list of more than 50 countries worldwide for performance in the 1995, 1999 and 2003 TIMSS (Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study). The students with more potential in math can dramatically increase their creativity and proficiency in problem-solving by taking this course. This class uses the U.S. edition of Singapore Math which is specifically designed for students in the United States.
STAAR/TAKS Help is to help students in Texas primary and secondary schools successfully pass their math test in STAAR/TAKS. The teaching plan will be designed personally.
SAT Help is to help high school students to prepare their math test in SAT Reasoning Test for college admissions.  The teaching plan will be designed personally.
Regular Math is to help students from grade 1 to 7 for their regular math study.
Algebra I & II is to help high school students for their algebraic work.
Geometry is to help high school students for their geometric work.
Calculus AB & BC is to help students for their Advanced Placement test preparation.
Prealgebra and Precalculus courses are also provided.